We are super happy to have the first virtual reality and 360video  workshop in Nicaragua it will take place in Early Ocotber 2017.

we had a Virtual Reality shoot in May 2017 with VIRTUAL REALITY PUNK, and after that, we got sponsorship  to do it again , bigger and with more support!

Please check back for more information, or contact us directly if you would like to be part of it.

 Filmmakers, journalist and story tellers  will come to Nicaragua for a week inmmersive workshop of new technologies,  V.R, 360, A.R and the use of this new language for the creation of videos that will be mainly aimed for documentary and as a tool for social change

Directed by Ian Bell and Alessandra Zeka ( virtual reality punk)

It will take place in Managua at the CCEN and a final exhibition at La escuelita Nica.

This event is sponsored by MONA V.R, PLANETA, and the CCEN.

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