Femke Klein Obbink is an Amsterdam based freelance editor who has worked on Dutch TV programmes such as Metropolis, Keuringsdienst van Waarde, DWDD, Draadstaal and Amor met een snor. She has done some work for MTV and edited a videoclip for Dutch hiphopgroup 'de jeugd van tegenwoordig'. She made documentaries such as Gay-K (gay champions) on Ukraine’s very first Gay Pride during the Euro 2012 Championship that never happened due to extremist threats. The documentary "Giovanni and the Waterballet" about a boy who dreams to be the first boy to enter the Dutch synchronized swimming championship, which won IDFA 2014 best short documentary, Berlinale 2015 and more awards worldwide.
Femke has been living between the Netherlands and Nicaragua since 2013 to create documentary series and children programs. "For me traveling is the best way to collect stories and get to know other cultures. I absolutely adore it. I'm always curious to turn and face the strange and approach the world with open mind & eyes."
From 2014 onwards she has visited La Escuelita frequently:
"Sit back and relax or put on your dancing shoes and roll, whatever you do, inspiration will get to you. For Nicaragua does this to you, you will get inspired. Maybe by her people with so many stories waiting to be told, about the history, politics. It might be by her colourful houses or by nature, the richness of beautiful (active) vulcanoes. What about dipping your body in the softest water on earth in the crater lake 'Laguna Apoyo'. Or by sitting at the rural and peaceful La Escuelita. 
This place is a magical one. The ride to get there is already a lot of fun as you leave the lovely town Niquinohomo, birthplace of Sandino, the leader and face of the Nicaraguan revolution. Please throw down you hair and let the wind play with it as you pass wild mountains into the unknown. Arriving at a small hilltop at a lovely little house where chickens run free; fresh eggs in the morning for the neighbours: La Escuelita, welcome. Feel the freedom and dive into this adventure, the shower outside, a toilet with a view over treetops, watch the sun go down over the jungle while sipping the beautiful 'flor the caña' rum and if you are lucky, the monkey Johnny leads his girl from this side of the forest to the one in front of you. Down the hill are coffee plants and beautiful bamboo everywhere. 
La Escuelita has been brought to life by 3 wonderful women who made the place breathe with creativity.
Don't expect a luxury treatment but all you need is there and my experience is that you will get set back to the things that are most important, it's real here, you feel the realness of it. The healing power of nature, an energy so pure and untouched.  Life feels free here, life is as goes and you will learn about yourself here, if you are open to it.
Nicaragua is raw and La Escuelita provides a beautiful sacred haven to explore this rawness from."

For more about Femke and her work, please visit her website http://www.femagedumontage.nl/