About A.I.R

At LA ESCUELITA we aim to bring artists of all different mediums and from all over the world to Nicaragua, to be inspired and to create work while learning from Nicaragua’s rich culture and history. Providing space, time and guidance we will foster and aid all aspects of artistic expression, integrating the experience with international visiting and local artists and creating exchanges of knowledge. We want to cultivate and nourish an artistic community. Artists who visit will be required to engage with the local communities, giving workshops, creating exhibitions, or any number of cultural programs that fulfill the broad goal of an ‘artistic cultural exchange’. In addition to these goals, we also commit to making our programs and workshops as accessible as possible to Nicaraguans. We will be running a residency in which there will be a space for local artists to interact with international visiting artists. We hope to be able to sponsor and tutor Nicaraguan artists and promote them outside the country as well as part of our outreach cultural goal, therefore helping to raise the presence of Nicaragua in the cultural world.